Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pomo slomo: unbuilding

Having posted yesterday from one new (used) book on the call to build on, and integrate past seasons in times of transition,

it is only appropriate, and subversive, to post today from my other new (used) book, offering an opposing/complementary view.

All churchfolk should read "Rubble:Unearthing the History of Demolition" (:

Nothing sums up the postmodern world better than a fast-melting building..Baudrillard, one of the maverick pundits of postmodernity, riffed on the subject of unbuilding. The implosion [of a buildng] 'openly declares that our age will no longer be one of duration, that our only temporal mode is that of accekrated cyle and of recycling.' ...Impolsion was a ign of the times. "Panic in slow otion,' he called it.. .."Demolitionists...are ready guides to our immaterial future. The destructive character sees nothing permanent. . But for this very reason, he sees ways everywhere . Where others encounter walls or mountains, there, too, he sees a way. But because he sees a way everywhere , he has to clear things from it everywhere. Not always by brute force, sometimes by the most refined..."what exists, he reduces to rubble--not for the sake of the rubble but for the way leading through it." -Byles, 312-3 .

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