Monday, October 14, 2013

"ministerial malpractice" to attend a same-sex wedding you wouldn't officiate?

I hope someone spots me in attendance at a gay wedding soon.

I heard that.

I often tell our churchfolk that I am probably in  sin if I  HAVEN'T been in a bar recently.

I heard that.

But....I mean, where WOULD Jesus be?
So I do confess (something we pastor types don't do enough. See "Some Confessions from a Christian Pastor")  publicly that it's been awhile since I've been in bar..but  about the last time I  must say:

a)it was to hear a Christian band
b)I was thrilled that the bartender was a student of mine (:

So some gay or lesbian friend please invite me to your same-sex ceremony soon.

Now...don't hear what I'm
           not saying.

I never said I would/could  officiate such a wedding.
Just like I never said I would get drunk in a bar.

For anyone who knows my history..
let me say for the                        
                                                        680th (but who's counting?) time
that in spite of the huge press that the 680 (but who's counting?)-member church I used to pastor
took a stand against some of its denomination's pastors breaking their own denominational law by officiating same-sex ceremonies... (see "We've done everything we can to work with Rev. Wainscott!")
such doesn't mean that they/I wouldn't

attend one.

I love Erwin McManus's  story about going to the home of two lesbians who had been attending the church he pastored to pray over/bless their new adopted baby.
He's Southern Baptist..I bet he took some flack? (:
How do you say no to praying for a baby?
(read the lesbian couple's blog about this here)

Another Southern Baptist..who has a different take on the culture wars than I do (I'm a conscientious objector), Al Moehler:

 It is incoherent to say that you cannot officiate at a same-sex wedding because you believe it to be wrong, and then turn around and say that you would attend a same-sex wedding and join in the celebration. Beyond incoherence, it is ministerial malpractice and bearing false witness.  see full article: George and Barbara Witness a Wedding—When a Private Act Sends a Public Message

With all due respect, that paragraph seems  incoherent.
With all due respect, I hope Al Moehler spots me at a gay wedding soon.

I won't be officiating, and neither will he.
But the conversation will be killer.

Well, I better log off..I should be heading to the brothel. (:
I might be in sin if I don't...


  1. You asked for it. This Saturday (Oct 19) All Saints' Espicopal Church in Vista, CA.
    Ceremony starts at 10 AM. You can for sure bum a ride with the Bruce and Belinda.

    1. wow! wish i could...AND spend time with B and B! by now, you know from my text about what i'm up to this weekend. Thanks


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