Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back in N.Y.C.

Prophetic brilliance mixed with a bit of bloated cheese.

No, that's not my self-description.

It's  Peter Gabriel's swan song/concept(s) album/double album with Genesis:
"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway."
(see previous posts: Genesis "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" Complete Video Interview
and "What the hell is IT"? 

One standout track is "Back in N.Y.C."
It can be enjoyed/felt even without the context
(see Genesis - Back In N.y.c. Lyrics | SongMeanings).
The Gabriel scream!
But don't get me started on the part about cuddling a sleeping porcupine !(:

For some reason, one of my favorite lines is

You say I must be crazy, 'cause I don't care who I hit, who I hit.
But I know it's me that's hitting out and I'm, I'm not full of sh--!".

I just have to be careful how/how loud/where I sing along.  (:
Somehow..even with the too-obvious rhyme..

                    it seems  somehow made for church/prayer/lament

..kind of psalmish.

It also somehow comes to mind when I myself am literally "back in NYC"..

that surreal and holy moment when you exit the  the tunnel and Manhattan  involuntarily invades your view and  gloriously assaults your senses and sensibilities..

Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from anyone for whom this old song is new:

what does it feel/seem to be about
..just from

the soundscape,
                                   and lyrics
                                              you can pick up?

Studio version:

Isolated vocals,,as if they weren't chilling enough:

It was the first song of the reunion w/Gabriel/Collins:

They even did the song the some after Phil Collins picked up the vocals:

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