Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Serious Bible Study on the Web"

by David Instone-Brewer

Serious Bible Study on the Web

David Instone-Brewer

The web started off like the Wild West – all the homeless hopefuls and get-rich-quick entrepreneurs made their way there in a huge wagon race. The web was free – free of cost and free of restraint. Among the first colonists were Christians, who are always looking for the next way to spread the best message in the world. In the early days there were six times more Bible sites than sex sites, but that soon changed.
We have all grown a little older and wiser, and realize that nothing is free. The internet is not free of cost because human effort and bandwidth are valuable. However, the internet does still work largely without restraint, and this is good for Christians.
The internet is still full of rubbish, but this is becoming easier to recognize. School children are now taught how to judge the value of websites, and on the whole, Google does this for us very well. Google’s “ranking” is based largely on linkages – if lots of people refer to a site, then lots of people thought it worth recommending. But they do not realize the value of a lot of things out there. The following essay will identify the best recommendations. I will admit from the start that I often point to my own sites, but that is because they are usually the easiest paths to the best software out there.
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