Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"How Jacques Ellul Reads the Bible:Keeping the balance between the forest and trees" by Vernard Eller

Voices in our midst are calling for some sort of new biblical hermeneutic. Most insistent among them, perhaps, are those of Brevard S. Childs (Biblical Theology in Crisis) and James D. Smart (The Strange Silence of the Bible in the Church). The primary complaint seems to be that regnant methods of interpretation simply are not communicating biblical truth in a way that is moving or meaningful to most believers.
The one who has come closest to meeting the challenge is, I think, Jacques Ellul, the noted French sociologist-theologian. He has not devised, described or proposed a new hermeneutic; or if he has, he has done so only in the form of scattered, offhand comments. He has done something better; he has produced some striking biblical studies. And any hermeneutic ought to be judged by its fruit rather than its ..Full article here

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