Thursday, October 31, 2013

an open source church of open sores

"The ability to teach and preach and lead is taking a backseat to the pastor's capacity to create

ate and facilitate open-source faith experiences  for the people of the church."

  -Doug Paggitt, Church in the Inventive Age, p 33


In one of our gatherings, I mentioned in passing that we were an "open source" church.

Immediately a saint, it's not an interruption, that's precisely the point!  She interjected..
"Oh, I love that image: open sores.  Can you say some more about that?"

She thought I had said "open sores" was  the way to  do church.
We had a good laugh...but it was a profound moment...
      which BTW, wouldn't have arisen if we weren't "open source" so that anyone can talk
                                                                            (especially women!)

I should've/could've said "open sores."
Church is to be like that: honest, vulnerable, transparent.
And the only way to being open about our open sores is to be open source. 
PS I googled and found a band named:

Church Of Open Sores

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