Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Strange Fire

Readers might be interested in this link:
"A Final Appeal to Pastor John MacArthur on the Eve of His 'Strange Fire' Conference"
                     -Micheal Brown, Charisma Magazine 

Of course, we have challenged MacArthur here before..on issues of unintentional bibliolatry.
see this

But now MacArthur's upcoming book and conference call us to issue another friendly challenge
(I hope he learned a lesson from Chuck Colson, see part 1 , part 2)

Read this:

In this book, Pastor MacArthur argues, “The ‘Holy Spirit’ found in the vast majority of charismatic teaching and practice bears no resemblance to the true Spirit of God as revealed in Scripture,” even accusing the modern charismatic movement of “attributing the work of the devil to the Holy Spirit."
Wow, how ironic..since according to Jesus, the unpardonable sin/ is exactly the opposite:  attributing the work of the Holy Spirit  to the devil.


"charismatic theology has made no contribution to true biblical theology or interpretation"

Wow,how ironic;  "charismatic theology" is the only kind of theology we have,  If it's not "spiritual"
(the biblical word "charismatic"), it's nothing.


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