Sunday, October 27, 2013

ceremonial cleansing in The Matrix

I had never fully "caught" the second baptism scene in "The Matrix" (if you never got the first, click the article) until reading Matthew Clendineng.
(It reminded me that The Voice translation originally translated "baptism" as :ritual cleansing")
The second baptism scene is when Morpheus is rescued from the agents. The sprinkler system comes on and drenches Morpheus and the agents in the room. This scene does not go back to the rebirthing like the earlier baptism scene does; rather this scene speaks to the tradition of ceremonial cleansing. When John the Baptist was baptizing Jews in the Jordan River it was not a
symbol of them being born again of the Spirit, rather it was a ceremonial cleansing that meant they were once again clean in the sight of God. Morpheus managed to withstand the agents and did not succumb to their evil. This baptism was a ceremonial cleansing that meant Morpheus was once again ready to take over his command.

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