Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bono and Wigglesworth

Thanks to @U2 for linking some classic U2 articles, like this from 1982..which also offers the first clear evidence I have seen of Bono reading Smith Wigglesworth!:

The singer sits with a copy of The Ever Increasing Faith on his knee for much of the time..
Bono:"We used to have this thing -- like John Lennon saying of Pete Best, 'He's not a Beatle. We're all Beatles but we're all radically different people.' Three of us are Christians and Adam isn't -- that doesn't mean we're going to say to him at any time, 'you're not in the club.'"

....After the Austin show two followers invite Bono, the Edge and Larry to a service of the Westlake Bible Church [note, now called Austin Ridge Bible Church] next morning. I go along with them... Many rush to speak to us afterwards and ask God to bless us. The three of U2 speak quietly in return... It is a hard labour they have set for themselves: to change fusty old ROCK music from the inside, to stay unafraid in the knowledge of their purpose, to rejoice in the Lord always. I didn't worry about U2 before and I won't now, but I do want to see how they get on.

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