Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rummage Sale Ethics :No Violence or Credit Cards This Time Around

I was thrilled to find this pic of "Rummage sale that may be exactyly where we are...if we don't play/pray our cards right this time!

On Sunday, as part of our ongoing discussion of Phyllis Tickle's The Great Emergence, I commented on what could save us this time...for the first that in this current Rummage Sale, we can glean from


We cannot look, however, at the huge gifts to western civilization of either Protestantism or a renewed Catholicism, without looking as well at how our forebearers on both sides of the divide chose competition over cooperation . Hegonomy, by definition, can only belong to one among, and above others. Pride of place, it is called, and it drove all the contenders who were the Great Reformation...just as five hundred years before...The Crusades...Now, a rummage sale later, we can not--must not--shake our heads, as if in confusion about how such things could ever have been, and then, with an assumed innocence, turn and look the other way. Those who do not learn from the past. it has been widely said, are destined to relive it.
We also noted that now that the basis of power has shifted from
blood and land
(Great Schism)
cash money
(Great Reformation)
(Great Emergence)..

..that maybe Fresno can be pivotal this time, since our prophetic destiny seems to be intricately related to all this..Dropping the "fresno drop" and all..

OK, we need all you Celtic, Anabaptist, Fresno women in ministry...more than ever.

Eugene Cho interviews Phyllis Tickle

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