Monday, April 12, 2010

Missional Sacraments, part 4: Portion sizes increase in 'Last Supper' paintings

Re: news article below:
Maybe God is trying to tell us something (:

I mean Wolfgang Simson has been trying to remind us that we should be:

Rediscovering the "Lord's Supper" to be a real supper with real food:

Church tradition has managed to "celebrate the Lord's Supper" in a homeopathic and deeply religious form, characteristically with a few drops of wine, a tasteless cookie and a sad face. However, the "Lord's Supper" was actually more a substantial supper with a symbolic meaning, than a symbolic supper with a substantial meaning. God is restoring eating back into our meeting.


On to the news:

Portion sizes increase in 'Last Supper' paintings By Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY:

If your food portions seem to have grown larger over the years, you have some blessed company.

Two researchers analyzed the food and plate sizes in 52 of the most famous paintings of The Last Supper and found that the portion sizes in the paintings have increased dramatically over the past millennium, from years 1000 to 2000.

Using a computer program, they compared the size of loaves of bread, main dishes and plates to the size of the heads of the disciples and Jesus in the artwork, including Leonardo da Vinci's famous depiction of the event.

Findings published in April's International Journal of Obesity: Over that 1,000-year period, the main course size increased by 69%, plate size 66% and loaves of bread 23%. The biggest increases in size came after 1500....


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