Friday, April 23, 2010

Mash-Up Prayer: Alanis meets the Fat Boy at the Cross

I found a haunting, and God-haunted album at the thrift store...
songs assembled by the haunting and God-haunted David Pack (produced DC Talk and sang with Kerry Livgren, etc) of Ambrosia.
Some artists included are officially Christian, some are pagans who prophesy..

Is there such a thing as Christian music ,anyway?

It's "Committed to Rock: 18 Powerful Hits that POSITIVELY ROCK" (a penny on Amazon, of course!) .Russ Breimeier of Christianity Today's wonderful "Glimpses of God" column surveys it here.

This is where I first encountered FatBoySlim's "Praise You." Is he adressing a girl or God? Inevitably, both (see this and this).
But nothing prepared me for Tong's mashup (though since Tong is a wonderful mashup himself: an Oriental living in Germany) version of "Praise You" and Alanis Morissette's "Hand in My Pocket." His title is offered with a wink, but the song is offered (to me, anyway) as a powerful prayer (we need to pray prophetic mashups more often..See this, browse posts tagged "metaphor" and watch "holy splicing, emerging mashups"... Buy the (T shirt here).


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