Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Scripture a Strange Loop/Mobius Strip?

Since the Word is ...

  • "living
  • active
  • sharper than any double-edged sword"

... of course in some sense it is both
  • Loop .............and
  • Mobius,

and bigger than both..

..but they can't be as perfectly looped/Mobiused as God (such would be bibliolatry).

AND it just hit me that a double-edged sword would by defintion looped and Mobiused.

If you need some info on the terms in my post title:

  • See this on Strange Loop,
(and this on theological implications thereof).

(and this on theological implications thereof),


"Even though the senses of the Scriptures are indefinite, none of them annuls the others, each increasingly enriching this immense storage of meanings...perhaps a Mobius Ring"
-"Semiotics and The Philosophy of Language" p. 150

Maybe chiastic-matrix a better term...
is that loopy enough?

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