Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a Trinity teaser

I present this teaser below from an important paper by Len on Trinitarian leadership. The whole paper should be read as it wrestles well with Snyder, Moltmann, Seamands, Pinnock et al, and asks the right questions (hierarchy, social/economic etc) in the right way (a rare gift). Searching the word "trinity" on Len's blog will be one the most fruitful adventures of your day.

This brings us full circle to the nature of Trinitarian leadership – it is mutual, vulnerable, joyful, and loving, a dance at once mysterious and filled with purpose. Many questions remain: 1. is “leadership” a useful paradigm to overlay biblical revelation on the nature of God and of spiritual community? 2. if we conclude that Trinitarian community is the goal, do we exclude a developmental model that may have elements of hierarchy? I believe the extended family offers the best analogy and developmental model for human community, but families pass through stages from early to late and roles and functions shift. Our church communities tend to set roles and functions in stone.
-Len Hjalmaerson, link

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