Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phyllis Tickle complete "New Rose" video..and her heckler

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Here is Phyllis Tickle's complete NYWC talk on The Rose of The Reformation on one Gooogle video
(same as the 4 YouTube videos previously posted, but with delightful intro comments included here).

Mark Oestreicher blogs on what happened after the camera went off. Amazing:

...anyhow, phyllis turned the whole thing in the last few minutes to a point that had me in tears (and i looked to tic, and he was in tears also), as she talked about the role that we all (in the room) play in this; the precious gift we’re being given, the responsibility we have to the next 500 years. wow.
the audience gave her a standing ovation, which was beautiful. she stepped down off the stage, and tic went up to say a few transition things and introduce chris tomlin. in the moment, as i was waiting to walk her back to the green room, a few people started coming up to her to say something. the very first guy was a large and loud guy who started blasting her: i mean, really, as chris’ music started, he was yelling at her (some volume on his part was necessary due to the music in the room — but he was filled with anger, so it came out as yelling, not loud talking). his first accusation was that she didn’t stand for the authority of scripture. phyllis politely responded, “oh, if you didn’t hear me talk about the authority of scripture, then i really miscommunicated” (i noticed how she took it on herself, instead of merely correcting him). i stepped in and tried to remind the guy about a point where she had specifically talked about the authority of scripture. but he really didn’t want to hear answers or responses; he was ticked. and he was so completely out of line and inappropriate in how he yelled at her. after a minute (maybe less), i stepped in, and tony myles (who blogged about this here) was my wingman, engaging phyllis, then the guy. in that moment, i told him how completely out of line he was. he pushed back (angrily) with a question about scripture, and i told him his questions were fine, ask away, but that yelling at a 74 year-old woman after she’s just finished speaking to us from her heart is what was so inappropriate. i think i said, “didn’t your mom ever teach you anything?”..
-Mark Oestreicher, link


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