Friday, October 04, 2013

'publicizing viewpoints rejected by the elder majority for any reason is satanic to the core'

You probably haven't seen the banned video of Pastor James McDonald and three of his (thirty some) elders announcing an excommunication/banning of former elders.  Hearing what might happen if I post the video puts a bit of the fear of God (or at least God's people) in me....

But it can be watched here  or below (see some written excerpts beneath the video at the link) for now....just don't tell who sent ya! (:

And  should be watched and wrestled with,
                   as it raises so many issues relevant to this blog's hot topic of role of the pastor,

See also this video where Mark Driscoll says of McDonald:
He’s got a HUGE church that he oversees in the Chicago area – Harvest Bible Church…They have real estate like you would not believe.  James has the spiritual gift of real estate acquisition.

Here below are some links

Former Elders Scott Phelps and Barry Slabaugh are publicly ex-communicated by HBC and release a statement.


Congregational Government is From Satan

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