Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Church Carpets are for Messy Coffee & Trickling Fornicators

A few "off the carpet" comments today.

First, from Len Sweet's "The Gospel According to Starbucks"

(The pastor said) "Bring your coffee and your donuts (into the sanctuary) , and add your stain to everyone else's!"

I couldn't believe my ears. Here was the first church I had been in
where the carpet was involved in ministry. In every other church, the
ministry existed for the carpet. Whatever else happend, the carpet had to
be kept clean. Here was a church (
The Meeting Place, Winnipeg) where the most important thing was relationships...Relationships are messy, so what if the carpet gets dirty?...The carpet exists for the ministrry. (p. 145)

Maybe even "trickling" (please read "Trickling on carpet, blessing fornicators, rubbing chest of prone woman.") should be allowed on a church carpet..

Finally, Mike Yaconelli's message below about the "Jones Memorial Carpet" (go to 4:24 to 3:05) is a must-watch:

Genesis had it right in "Carpet Crawlers": "You gotta get in to get out" (of church traditions):

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