Friday, September 07, 2007

Emerging Islam and Porpoise Diving

"Irrigate the desert with ideas."
-Irshad Manji , The Trouble with Islam Today

Here's a challenge from Porpoise-Diving Life re: that book:

Author Irshad Manji is now one of my favorite authors and socio-political activists.
This is the 3rd Best Book I have read in 2007. Nearly every point that Irshad makes about reform in Islam today, is pertinent for Christianity today.

This book is required reading for anyone associated with the emergent movement.

I would like to see Irshad speak at an emergent conference so people can awaken to the reality that there are Muslims speaking out about the necessity of reform, just as many in other faith persuasions are (including the Christian faith).

Guess what....We're advocating much the same thing. It's time to start conversing with one another. link
On another note (!):

'Why Al Qaeda Supports the Emergent Church'

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