Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leave Britney, Petraeus and Brian McLaren Alone! (*Sniff!)

If we can have this:

and if we can have this as #1 video of the week in response to the above:

and this as a response/spoof to the above :

and this as a response/spoof of the above:

Why can't someone cry and plead (seriously) on video for the heresy hunters to leave a good (non heretical) man...Brian McLaren... alone. Gee, you'd think he was Jesus the way they pick on him...and he's so incredibly gracious about it all ( Read: Becky Garrison, Mike Furches, McLaren, & critics: being kind to bitches),


I fear someone may spoof McLaren's first music video...

Maybe Britney will do it.

(Pray for her here)

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