Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Static in the Church's Butt...and other great sermons

Let's call Church "Sploosh"...or better yet...

Hendrix and Jesus?

Something Old and Something New

Stop Masturbating..Life and Death on Planet Earth

Good Things happen in MegaChurches, BUT..

The Lies of Religion Game

Did Jesus Smoke?

Knocking Down Walls & Getting PASTE on Ya

did Jesus break any of the 613?

The Evil and "Total Crap" of Steering Cats

St. Sally Repents of Church Beer Commercials

Can You Reason with Christians?

There is no persecution of Christians in USA, none

Rev. David Crowder's R-Rated Prophetic T Shirt

The Luther of Physics' Wonderful Devastating 2 Words

the sin of abstention from alcohol/gay cowboy bar

Temple Tantrum:Jesus is ticked..but why?

Fast Fluid Flexible Church... Rick Warren in Forbes

National Mean Girls Conference

Small Churches Are Better and Harder

Entire Church Arrested

Static in the Church's Butt

JFK and a Mormon Prez

Soldiers won't see MySpace, YouTube

Pastor Says He is Jesus & Gets 666 Tattoo

a website for Christians to confess to nonChristians

The Homeless Go Wireless


"Task Determines Shape of the Shovel"

20,OOO Naked Churchgoers in Mexico City

straying away from the church and going back to God

church allows alcohol & blaspehmies....meets in a bar

:comparing notes on "How do you church?"

it's a Cheap Trick to surrender when in a crappy mood

the devil and organized truth

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