Saturday, September 08, 2007

Smokin with Merlin, Frampton, Cheap Trick, Keith Richards: Photos

I still have that cigarette

smoke (see: "Did Jesus Smoke?") smell on my shirt.
Maybe I'll turn out missional after all.
Or at least tick off my wife.

St. Merlin from our church, an awesome evangelist/guitarrist/hairstylist, invited me to join him for a Peter Frampton concert at a "smokin'" casino the other day. (Uh, that's Merlin on the left; Frampton on the right). It was a cross-cultural adventure for me, of course...great to be in the "real world." (I didn't see a single pastor friend. Not even Tom Sims. Even at the beer tent.....Hmmm).

We had a great time, especially realizing how "God-ready" some of Frampton's songs are. And check this:

At the invitation of good friend Alice Cooper, Peter went to Phoenix, Arizona to
perform at "Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding: A Night of Comedy & Music."
Net proceeds from the event benefited the Solid Rock Foundation, a Christian
organization that is helping to meet the spiritual, economical, physical, and
social needs of teenagers & children within the Arizona community, with
goals to ultimately help kids throughout the entire country

Looks like his arrow is in motion.

Merlin told me some stories (true ones) about meeting rock stars..for example, here he is with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick ...uh, Merlin is the one on the left(:

(And yes, I have written on prophetic edge of Cheap Trick...we have played their stuff "in church.". Read "It's a Cheap Trick to surrender to Jesus when in a crappy mood ")

But Merlin, I hope you're reading.

I can top it.

Here am I with.... Keith Richards!!:

Uh, To clarify: I am the one on the right.

Seriously folks, looks like God is working on Keith's arrow as well. Read this to read more, or sample his...

...gospel songs!

(See also: this on Keith)


  1. Cool pic, mate.

    i remember meetin you.

    Nice hat.


  2. Thanks, Keith. So honored you found my blog!


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