Friday, September 07, 2007

Diva and Devo: God and the world

"God's place is the world,
but the world is not God's place."

Seems this quote from St Sinead (yes,that one) could solve a lot of the unnecessary collateral damage in the church/culture wars..

...Neither is Alan Hirsch(:...
(is the masculine version "Divo'? How about "DEVO"....plenty of connection between that band's message of de-evoluation andpostmodern church de/reconstruction...founder of the band belongs to"Church of the Subgenius"/Hirsch (and Frost) talk about "apostolic genius...hmmm...How bout getting Hirsch one of the band's flower pot hats)
but if you want a picture (Images over words ) on the same theme, try out Hirsch's here:


  1. Alan Hirsch is a dude. Very rad. And I really like Mothersbaugh's scores. That makes for scores of radical missiology.

    Found your blog via Until Transluscent and her funny convo about Misty Edwards and Bono. Go team.

  2. Jenelle...a few years late, saying thanks for the post. (my comment notification wasn't always working back then), Love your taste and team


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