Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great Christian magazines like "Scientific American Mind"

Why does it have to be?

Why do I get far more profound theological and deeply practical insight as to how to "be and do church" from magazines like Scientific American Mind...

...than sometimes all officially Christian magazines combined?

That damned (blatantly) satanic ad
ran in this month's Christianity Today, for example.
And that's just the ads!

Anyway, the front cover of this month's Scientific American Mind prophesied:

"Power and charisma aren't enough. The best leaders guide groups from within."

Some other articles previewed on the cover; "Is Greed Good", "Causes of School Shootins", "Psychology of EBay," "The Mind-Body Nexus" "How the Word Shapes Thought"..

...and that's just the cover!

Is there such thing as a "Christian magazine?" (or music?
or movie?) Probably not, but SAM mind might lead the list (And there may well be something huge God wants to teach us through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue..)

(For more on my favorite magazines, see my Facebook....for anointed music by nonChristians, check our reviews/previews out.. For more on the science connection, see Science Requires Belief in Christianity)..

I just spotted Mark Thomas's wonderful post on a similar conclusion re: theological books.
You need some encouragement, read it.

Great days. As far as judging books/magazines by the ("Christian") cover, that B.S. (as in:
"IS CHURCH B.S. OR C.S.?" ) is over.

Len Sweet was right.............


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