Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Don't do anything I say"..especially re: money sex & power

There was a woman in one church I pastored that trusted me so much as the resident "man of God" that I am pretty sure she would do anything I said, or recommended.

Of course I worked to defuse that de-pedestal myself and demythogize my myth. Is should have said:
"I get the feeling you would do anything I say as the 'man of God.' Okay, take out your pencil, write this down, here's my what I say:

"Don't do anything I say."

In some circles, the power granted to the pastor/priest is way over the top. And the inevitable sexualization and transferrence that happens in such a mix, should drive us pastor types to our knees that we learn to elevate, (see "Church is Not Porn" ), defuse and refuse such satanic responses to this stuff. ( see "God, beach and breasts").

And maybe our bottom line temptations are always powerfully sexual...or
just about power (same thing?).

Reading two books simultaneously today (which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't do it while driving!), I wonder if every temptation is towards empire. Or sexualization. (Same thing?)

Because my two primary disciplines of theology and science (Same thing...ask St. Paul H, who says"They should always be the same thing" and Frank Tipler whe a nonChristian...gets "Christianity as a branch of physics")

often dovetail, I was thrilled to find (in the used book discount bin, of course):

"Hitler's Cross," which is about how the Protestant church cooperated and was co-opted by Hitler.


"Hitler's Scientists"
, which judging by the title I thought it would be about the co-opting of science and business by Hitler (as here). But it turns out to be about how the Catholic church was so so co-opted.


Same thing.

Help me Jesus.

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