Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What four groups propelled the Holocaust?

According to John Petropoulos, the two "professional" groups that most supported Hilter en masse were:

Nobility and physicians!

You'll have to read the book for the whys, but can't help but note that Jesus is both Nobility and Physician. Any profession so intertwined with his imago may well be capable of great good and/or horrific evil.

And the case has been made that the Holocaust couldn't have happened without the help of two groups:

Protestants and Catholics!

Since religious racism (and its religious system.). is the chief enemy of Jesus in his temple tantrum..

...if I am not prayerful/careful.....

the holiest of saints could bless a holocaust.

Which I do every time pre-judge...

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  1. Concerning Catholic responsibility for the holocaust, it is impossible to deny some responsibility. However, it is very interesting to compare maps of how Germans voted in the 1930's against maps of dominant religious affiliation from their census for the same period. There is a very definite correlation.


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