Saturday, September 01, 2007

video of Ed Stetzer feeling young & thin..but about to get shot

I cannot believe they didn't shoot him.

Maybe they did; the video clip stops suddenly after he calls his audience old and fat.

Or something like that.

One has to love Ed a Southern Baptist mission researcher, telling his fellow Southern Baptists where to get off...or on. Or at least calling love...old and fat.

Or something exactly like that.

Here is the clip below (with thanks to Blind Beggar, who comments "I hope they heard him."...I'm not sure they did:a prominent SBC seminary just announced this...amazing!!).
The last twenty five seconds or so are what I am taking about. I'd give anything to see a pan of the audience for the next twenty five seconds.

No wonder Earl Creps includes Stetzer as #5 in his list of 13 Things I Like About the Southern Baptist Convention.


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