Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Let me in the nonlinear stochastic resonance"

Fresh after my posting on linear/nonlinear space and time..

I found more U2 science in another book, which Dovetails two themes of U2's "No Line":

- sound (as in "Let me in the sound,""I found grace inside a sound..")
-the "not linear" nature of time.

Check this below from Bart Kosko's fascinating chapter, "The Zen of Noise: Stochastic Resonance":

"many physical and biological systems display a "stochastic resonance" (noise benefit) because they are nonlinear systems....[Bulsara notes,] 'Stochastic resonanace enpasulates the sexy notion that moderate levels of noise in a nonlinear dynamical system can actually enhance the infornation throughout--and so improve the sensing and processing of otherwise undetectable signals."( "Noise", p.143)

Sing it: "I found grace within a stochastic resonance".......

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