Monday, December 28, 2009

evangelical pornography or ideational ergative paraenesis

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It's not the "evangelical pornography" of "Left Behind.'
(and hopefully you know who the Bible says will really be left behind)..

It will never make it on TBN..even if the writer turns out to be on crack.

And it is not for the casual fan, as Peter Wilkinson almost jokes here:

"requires an active brain, a working knowledge of NT Greek, and a dictionary which contains the definition of words like ‘ideational’, ‘ergative’, ‘paraenesis’, ‘anaphoric’ etc" link

But Wilkinson is right:

Gustavo Martin has, to my mind, made an important contribution in support of the case that the Olivet discourse has two horizons of understanding: the destruction of the temple in AD 70, and a more distant parousia of Jesus which has yet to occur. It’s also a fascinating piece of scholarship.

So here it is...have fun:

If that was too heavy...start here with Rob Bell, below..he might be equally heavy in a way, but no sightings of a ‘ideational’, ‘ergative’, or ‘paraenesis'...though the heresy hunters will have a field day with the title quote alone:

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