Tuesday, December 22, 2009

bigger than the boogeyman's laws

GodPreview Law?

In the same way that

>Stephen Hawking, much like Einstein, "explained that he does not believe in God, unless one defines God as the embodiment of the laws of physics." (Dan Falk, "Universe on a T Shirt," p. 201)


>Hegel believed in God, but only as the emdodiment of ( embededness with, and outgrowth of) the laws of history/dialectic/synthesis..

>>....could it be that some who name the name Jew..or Christian..only believe in God as the embodiment of the law period (or Torah).

Jesus broke the law ...and the laws of the law (i coined this phrase, meaning "the way the laws have been interpreted as working," but was glad to find the phrase used re: science here) in order the keep the spirit of the law, and in order to show us that God is bigger than any law, and thus unlike the gods of the above thinkers, personal..and as the great theologian Jr. Asparagus taught us in this classic video, far bigger than the boogeyman, which inevitably means transcendent and immanent and " watching over you and me"....as well as watching over the laws of physics, history etc.

Silverchair: "I'm watching You watch over me...and I've got the greatest view from here":

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