Friday, December 18, 2009

The Church of Facebook - Jesse Rice


  1. Dave, thanks for this, very interesting conversation. I was struck by one of the phrases that Jesse used, "intentional rhythm of disconnecting."

  2. Yeah, that was an amazing phrase

    PS Brad..I'll be a half hour from you first week in Feb Let me know if you can do coffee. Here's where i'll be:

  3. Just got the book..will review it soon

  4. Hey, Dave - thanks a ton for posting a link to the Ooze interview. I appreciate it. You were at Fresno Pacific? I spent 7 wonderful years as a kid in Reedley and still have a lot of Central Valley blood pumping in my veins:-) All the best to you and let me know if I can do anything to help.

  5. Jesse: sorry i missed your comment in December somehow.

    Yeah, graduated FPU in 86 and now teach there adjunct. Didn't realize your connection.

    Absolutely loved the book. Just tonight brought it out for a conversation alongside Friesen's Thy Kingdom Connected..I am overdue posting a review..

    Would love to have you teach for our church network sometime!



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