Thursday, December 17, 2009

Podcast interview with Pete Gall re: Beautiful Idols and bad words

Click "posts" on the player below and then scroll down to select "Pete Gall interview"
to hear Keltic Ken and I interview the Pete.

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You need to order both:

>>the independent and uncensored version of his first book,
"Gall: Five Years of Unfettered Christian Exploration Somewhere Between Youth Group and the Rest of Life"--(complete with uncensored chapters like "Chocolate , Bible Study and Blowjobs" surprise it became "Chocolate and Bible Study" in the later "Christian" version)

as well as

>> the official Christian version:

"My Beautiful Idol"

Guess which version has this classic blurb on the back:

Look, if this whole deal with God is at all real, it has to do better than drone
on in hypothetical and scholastic debates. It has to apply to premarital nudity,
dreams of personal glory, colossal lapses in judgment, family dysfunctions,
battles with addiction, and frustration with fools. It must have something to
say about tenacity, idolatry, heroes, love, sunsets, demons, prayer, miracles,
worms, rivers and hard-won orgasm. Tell me about that stuff. Admit that you've
somehow come to believe that the sin of the world can hold a candle to the
wretchedness of your own heart. Take on questions that are bigger than your
answers. Fight to let pain serve its purpose. Let grace shine through if it's so
real and so great and so worth living for. Show me a Jesus who gives a shit
about the world I inhabit, and I'll keep reading.

-back cover, "Gall"



  1. Are these not the full recordings? Shift part 1 is only 4:20 from iTunes and the Gall interview quits before it gets going.

  2. Hey Jaded. Great to hear from you.

    I just tried them and they work fine for me.
    Hmmm...will see what my tech dude says..

  3. They work for you through iTunes? That's the trouble I am having. I unsubscribed and resubscribed and part 1 downloaded whole. I believe. The Gall interview? 3 minutes worth.

  4. jaded...sorry i missed this comment...Works on the embedded player for me


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