Monday, December 07, 2009

oh my we are all artists around here

Note that the below definition of "artist' is almost interchangable with the biblical definition of the sons of Isacchar ("The ones who knew and understood the 'secular' times and culture, and thus knew and intimately and intuitively what God’s people should do” 1 Chron 12.32) as well as much of what I mean by pastoral leadership in these amazing days.

I will pay Mark DeRaud to comment on this definition.

Here you go:

"The artist is the one in any field,
scientific or humanistic, who grasps the implications of their actions and of new knowledge in their time, They are the person of integral awareness." -McLuhan, quoted in
Shlain, "Art and Physics:
Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light" " p. 124

Shlain...a laproscopic surgeon (and thus an artist!) is a must's some video of the man.

And Mark..who has finally begun blogging is a

He taught an amazing session for the preaching class I taught this semester..
I can kick myself for not getting it on video!
artist dude.

"The new generation, some say, is actually a new creature, is wired differently than mom and dad. The new generation appreciates and processes knowledge and "truth" more visually and experientially than we do. The difference is so profound yet so sublime that we literally have trouble experiencing the difference so that we might adjust to the new reality. We just can't understand why the teaching of propositional truth, so compelling to us modern, though august creatures of the Enlightenment, is not so compelling to the post-modern believer. Having relied on teaching as experience, I suspect we are very suspicious of actually experiencing "wisdom", or "love", or "transformation" that transcends our humanity and are quite intimidated, especially our teachers, of making propostional statements that assert with any certainty, that transcendence happens and can, and should,here and now be experienced. " -Mark DeRaud link

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