Thursday, December 17, 2009

World takes risks

How is it Andrée Seu still has her job after quoting John Wimber and Bill Johnson in her column in World Magazine??!!

Anyone who know about the fear of cross-pollination in the Body will agree with our Kudos to World for not caving to Reformitis.... and for proactively risking folks dropping subscriptions due to charisphobia.

Watch that girl,
she may write her next column in tongues ! (:

In an interview, Seu says "My two favorite books are Francis Schaeffer’s True Spirituality and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. " Those two are classic World-approved type of literature..but quite a ways from the other two.
Maybe she has books by those last two in a brown paper bag under her desk (:

I'm for the cessation of cessationism..
but this kind of provocative article from a regular World contributor (her articles here; her podcasts here)
works better than some old heteroclite complaining about Christian ads in said magazine (So glad I didn't waste a letter to the editor that time.. I might have sounded as crabby as I once charged Chuck Colosn a kletter to CT editor I did write..)

More Kudos to World for opening up more of the content to the Web, too. This we can link you to the article:

PS...and you are overdue for a second Bono story (OK, here's the first..but they make you pay to read it...arggh...I have noticed of you google-search World stories in cache mode, you can actually read them all...shhh, don't tell World)

and next time, do you have to label him as a "liberal rock star". (:

...........Isn't Jesus one, BTW?

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