Saturday, December 26, 2009

Busking for Dollars

I had to look up the Britishism "busking" when I saw Matt's post that Bono and Glen Hansard (of the Frames)...two of my favorite singers..were caught on video doing it in the streets at Christmastime.

Of course, having recently returned from San Francisco, I have seen plenty of busking..
and check out our friend Vincent hard at it...or maybe just posing for his album cover.
Buy his CD, or he may have to busk.
Stop him before he busks again!!
Don't wanna hear he became a serial busker.

The Irish boys were busking for charity of course..for the Dublin Simon Community, a group that works to prevent homelessness and aid the homeless.

Vincent would have known all the lyrics.
Of course the real news may be that Bono got his voice back over Christmas vacation, See:1:16-1:30 in 2nd clip.. More of the story here.

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