Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jesus loves everybody..even those googling for nude Taylor Swift

Besides people looking for gossip on the U2 song "Kingdom of Your Love" and the U2 Christmas song they stole back from ELP, it looks like two of the main ways folk I don't normally connect with find this blog is googling "Taylor Swift nude" (Here's why), or "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" (here's why) Thank God Taylor doesn't pose nude, let alone for Sports Illustrated...

... but I am glad anyone finds this site at all, maybe your sexuality will get elevated, and you'll find what you're really looking for.

Speaking of sex and porn(!), Keltic Ken and I were recently able to interview one of the famous/infamous porn pastors of (Now these are the folks that get tons of porn addicts clicking onto their website..congrats) Craig Gross, and his buddy Jason Harper, cable guy and pastor at large.. primarily about their new and newsworthy book,
"Jesus Loves Me ,This I Know"
As Ken wrote in the promo tag,

"They wrote a book and hit the road, visiting porn stars, criminals, outcasts--even the religious! Authors Craig Gross and Jason Harper chat about their book "Jesus Loves You This I Know" with cute Third Day Fresno Pastor Dave Wainscott and Ken Adams."

Here is the audio podcasted below, and this click will let you see some of the guys' awesome (non-pornographic) video of their road trip to places like the "God Hates Fags" people..


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