Thursday, December 17, 2009

Causal Layered Analysis

If you are not familiar with Mike Morrell, an amazing Kingdom resourcer,
check out his blog, you never know what you'll find.


I needed an Introduction to Causal Layered Analysis (CLA),
but I didn't know what it was until now.

Mike excerpts from Wikipedia title above for his full post.


Causal layered analysis consists of four levels: the litany, social causes, discourse/world-view and myth/metaphor.

  1. The first level is the litany – the official unquestioned view of reality.
  2. The second level is the social causation level, the systemic perspective. The data of the litany is explained and questioned at this level.
  3. The third level is the worldview/discourse. Deeper, unconsciously held ideological, worldview and discursive assumptions are unpacked at this level. The way in which different stakeholders construct the litany and system are also explored.
  4. The fourth level is the myth-metaphor, the unconscious emotive dimensions of the issue. The challenge is to conduct research that moves up and down these layers of analysis and thus is inclusive of different ways of knowing. Doing so allows for the creation of authentic alternative futures and integrated transformation. CLA begins and ends by questioning the future.

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