Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Finger of God @ the elevator button

Look what Peter Rollins found.
Enjoy it for what it looks like before hearing the rest of the story:

God and humans connecting in an everyday kind of place..
Michelangelo and the Finger of God Elevator Ad

If you can't read the line at bottom, it says, "Be born again." You say, "well that's kind of cheesy evangelism... it was better without the over-the-top slogan/verse; and just the image."

Turns out it's an ad for a plastic surgeon!

It's right between Dr. Kim's office, and it's the main elevator in a hospital lobby
in South Korea.

The Wittenburg Door had a version of this Michelangelo painting on their website, and when you reached out to take/shake God's hand, a joy buzzer went off.

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