Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iggy on Jesus:'Why are you hanging out with prostitutes and fishermen?'

intriguing quotes below from Iggy Pop in Rolling Stone..

You never know what kind of Godhauntedness you'll find reading RS...

which is one reason we almost require our church elders
to read Rolling Stone(: excerpt of an old blog post to comment on that practice:

...You may enjoy the dialogue embedded in a conversation on ourwebsite discussion forum here. It is very telling of the times and the great divide. In the discussion I commented "Thank God that Ken reads 'Rolling Stone.'

Ken is one of the elder elders of our church. In the post he had done some great homework about Jimi Hendrix's "Jesus lyrics."

"I do not thank God that Ken reads Rolling Stone," shot back a well-meaning brother. "I thought he was a church elder!"

Yet I would not/could not have an elder elder in our church who did not at least occasionally read Rolling Stone; so as to be in touch with the Godlongings and psalms out there is the "secular"..uh, "sacred,"...uh, real world.

-from "even christian muzak is sakred...sometimes"

On to Iggy quotes:
Despite the acclaim, however, Iggy has most often labored in semiobscurity. And such public as he did have was not exactly the cream of the crop, especially at the beginning. "It was like early Christianity," he once said. "The ugliest chicks and the most illiterate guys — people with skin problems, people with sexual problems, weight problems, employment problems, mental problems, you name it; they were a mess." -Rolling Stone..

And referencing how in the early years, he actually cut himself on stage:
"It's about the blood," he goes on. "The Christians used that riff with Christ. What did Christ really do? He hung out with hard-drinking fishermen. And when they asked him, 'Why are you hanging out with prostitutes and fishermen?' he said, 'Because they need me.' What a line, you know? But what your martial society really wants is blood. We need some blood. We need some suffering. Like, the individual must suffer for the good of the whole. I toy around with that. Early on, I wasn't looking at Jesus Christ, saying to myself, 'What an angle.' I wasn't trying to be Christ-y. But, after all, on one level, this is showbiz."
-Rolling Stone..

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