Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today's Michael Knott radio

From three eras of the genius of Michael Knott

1)The Smallest Part (with Cush):

i'm an empty man
Swimming for the prize
Folding up my hands
For the fool inside

Christ, crush my head
Break those cloudy skies
Sing my song instead
For my fleeting life

To build a breathing heart
I'll do... I'll do the smallest part

For Christ to build my heart
I'll do, I'll do the smallest part

2)..and some vintage Knott (As Lifesavers Underground):

...Few songs capture the genius of Mike Knott and L.S.U. the way "Tether to Tassel," "Die Baby Die," "There's a Time" and "English Interpreter of English" do. For that matter, few careers warrant this kind of retrospective. However Lifesavers Underground have been a source of encouragement and enlightenment, and to some, controversy. Still, to those of us who turn to the laments of the Psalms and to Jesus' words upon the cross to make sense of the chaos of consciousness, L.S.U. was a positive witness. Faith does not wither in the face of doubt, it makes us better Christians, better people.

As Knott sings in "Shaded Pain:"

"What about the love we never find
Cut by the body forced to run and hide
What about the human, the human I am inside
How can we be forgiven if we don't live our lives
We throw off the shackles and then we wear the chains
shaded pain
we find out who we are and then we lose our names
shaded pain."

We are meant for more than this life. By loving one another, accepting our individual experiences and seeking to grow in caring and understanding, we can make a difference. We can leave the shade for the bright, warm light of love, where we are lonely boys and girls no more.

-by Brian Q. Newcomb
Former Editor and Founder, Syndicate
Newcomb is now a pastor in St. Louis who writes about pop and rock music, "whenever they'll let him."

3)Bonus: LSU: perhaps his most devastating prophetic song:

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