Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dylan's Holy Synesthesia, Vertigo Ecstasy, Technology Whispers

The complete French interview with Bono has been translated by St. Beth..
a few more (besides this one) excerpts below. I would highlight these three topics, as they tie to common topics around this heteroblog:

Bono:..Dylan is like Picasso... He paints things you can't see with your eyes..

Bono: Your songs, too, Carla; they have what I call the gift of intimacy. What interests me is that right now everyone is listening to lots of music everywhere with earphones on. Look in the subway. And you, Carla, are whispering stories in these people's ears. It's extremely intimate. This way of listening to music has changed things; you go right into people's heads and hearts. You don't shout anymore, you murmur. And there's something really radical about that, isn't there? Yeah, intimacy is the new punk rock. (laughs)

Carla: You're probably right, but at the same time, that violent physical emotion that rock gives goes along with youth, and it's very attractive. When I was younger I needed that energy.

Bono: I said that to Dylan. "One day, we're going to try to create with music what you do with words: a vertigo that would lead into a form of musical ecstasy. Our surrealism is going to rest on the sound of the group." I was 24 years old. He was so supportive. He still is.

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