Friday, March 12, 2010

songs for restructuring

Michael Pritzl of The Violet Burning has redone--with an acoustic vibe--some songs from many moons ago: 1989's "Chosen," the first VB album. (I'll always be thankful to Diane Palm for handing me a tape of that record a couple years later in Chicago's Olive Branch Mission with a smiling, "I think you might like this." Understatement. Following the Violets ever since has wonderfully restructured my life..which you'll see in a moment),
and the legendary second album, "Strength" (don't even get me started talking about that album's impact)

The new CD of old-new material is called "Mercy Songs".

I found it interesting that a commenter on the second video said:

Plain and simple...and inspiring! The right style at the right time. I think we're all going through some restructuring...I need a job and some sweet mercy...
Since church, culture...and you are in a restructuring season:

Embrace the stripped down shift and revisit some retooled oldies.
In life, theology......and music.
Now maybe U2 will tour the "October" album... (:

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