Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rob Bell: What is the gospel?


  1. I actually watched this somewhere just yesterday... It sounds wonderful, the only problem is, when you open the Bible and actually read it (instead of just paraphrasing like he does), you find a very different message than the one Bell describes...

  2. I don't know that he's paraphrasing. He's retelling a story he knows well because he's read the Bible, and studied it, and thought about it; and he's adding historical context to the story.

    You do know the Bible you're reading is a translation. It wasn't written in English by Americans. All translations, translators will tell you, are, to some extent, a "paraphrase." Conversely, a lot of what one finds on is "literal."

    The Bible is a living document because the story it contains is about Jesus being alive.

    I'm wondering, in what ways is the message you have "actually read" different from this "paraphrase?"

  3. Just some thoughts:
    did these Christian's "take" the vocabulary of the pagans, or was the vocabulary of the pagans a counterfeit of the reality? Who established the church, us or God?
    pop history breeds pop doctrine.


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