Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Let's put the FUN back in FUNerals"...and weddings

For a good time, watch this wedding video:


And  click this for more from the same wedding. And watch this for an interview with the couple (which i show in class to illustrate
"building a fence around the Torah")

So many funny wedding stories I could tell.

  See the pic at left where my wife and I had to obey the bride over Jesus. (:

Often when I officiate weddings, and the groom is nervous, I try to lighten the mood. I pull out my little black book in front of all the groomsmen and fake a shocking, "Oh my goodness, I accidentally brought my funeral book by mistake!! But I'll just read from it anyway..i mean it's the same idea. Is that OK?"

 Then there is a laugh of relief when they realize I'm kidding!

But at Margaret and Paul's wedding.....

for the first time..

 I couldn't find my wedding book right away, so i did actually bring the funeral book instead. It didn't really matter, as after doing years of weddings,  I don't need the book, I just use it to stick little sticky notes in for the sermon, prompts, names etc....oh, and to look pastoral and cool.  (:

So I just crossed out the big title "FUNERAL" on the spine with a black marker, so folks wouldn't see it while I was up front (:

Then for a laugh and a few pics, after the service, I rubbed off the ink so you could read it.

Did I ever tell you that, Margaret?

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