Tuesday, March 30, 2010

we do not appoint elders who do not read the Bible and Rolling Stone

Keltic Ken
was not ashamed to pose (in an official church meeting!)with a Bible in one hand and a Rolling Stone subscription card in the other.

I can't think of a better image for a Christian being in tune with church and culture.

Maybe this is why Ken is our elder elder..

Not all agree..

From  a post  of mine on our church blog:

Ken is one of the elder elders of our church. In a post on our forum he had done some great homework about Jimi Hendrix's "Jesus lyrics."

I commented, "Thank God Ken reads Rolling Stone(: "

"I do not thank God that Ken reads Rolling Stone," shot back a well-meaning brother. "I thought he was a church elder!"

Yet I would not/could not have an elder elder in our church who did not at least occasionally read Rolling Stone; so as to be in touch with the Godlongings and psalms out there is the "secular"..uh, "sacred,"...uh, real world.

-from "even christian muzak is sakred...sometimes"

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