Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ken Lee

On the video below:

U2 fans will note the captioned lyrics , and call to mind the mumbled Bongolalia of "Elvis Presley and America."

fans (like me) will cringe at the song being credited to Mariah Carey, sure that Nilsson who first made it famous, wrote it. (Here's a video of the band who wrote it, singing it..on a show in Portuguese, no less)

Spanish speaking fans will remember that Nilsson also sang it in Spanish.

But this version of "it"........ in uh, English....... must be experienced.

So here is Valentina on "Bulgarian Idol" singing this famous song.
A little song called "Ken Lee."
(uh, read the backstory here AFTER you watch the clip) :

Mariah Carey responds:

And after a little coaching, Valentina offered this:

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