Wednesday, March 17, 2010

with or without God

When I first heard David Gilmour's "I Can't Breathe Anymore," most of us were two years away from even hearing about U2..
But somehow the song feels like the thematic B-side-- better yet, underside-- of U2's "With or Without You."

The most obvious connection between the two songs is the "with or without" phrase:

Gilmour: "with or without God on my side"
U2: "I can't live, with or without you/You)"

They also share searing (Gilmour) and soaring (U2) guitar solos towards the least in the versions included here.

Adam Clayton once said:
"To get 'With or Without You' on the radio is pretty good. You don't expect to hear it there. Maybe in a church."

I never heard the Gilmour song on radio. But it may just make some kind of sense in a church..
if we could be honest..

I Can't Breathe Anymore

I can't breathe anymore
Why that is I'm not sure
I've got my feet on the ground
In fact I'm flat on the floor
My direction is lost
I should pause to take stock
It's a new one on me
To even dream that you're free

It's a tale without an end
But the end is there for all to see
And if the end weren't so real
Coming around and 'round again on me
I guess it's all about my pride
I want to be there if it kills
But with or without God on my side
I know that I really will

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