Monday, March 01, 2010

2 Presbyterian Grease Monkeys,Gay Ordination, and Fast Friendship

Somehow I had missed this remarkable article,
about two remarkable friends of each other (and mine)
when it came out.

Now that one of the mentioned "grease monkeys" has passed away (Jamie Evans of First Presbyterian Church here in Fresno...right, in photo),
and the other (Chris Erdman of University Presbyterian here in Fresno....left, in photo) has just re-posted a meditation in response to Jamie's death..'s appropriate to celebrate the touching friendship portrayed in the article.
I only wish I knew these guys
before the days I was famous/infamous in my own denomination, dealing with the same issues.
Still wishing someone from the newspaper had taken a pic of Larry Powell (then pastor of the major "liberal" Methodist church in town, and me (then pastor of the major "conservative" Methodist church in town) during our denominational impasse.

Here then is the article on the Presbyterian pastors who have a lot to teach, as the headline speaks:
"Grease monkeys resolve impasse"

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