Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bono audio: God at the 9" Nails Gig

Why do some people think I am a heretical Christian/pastor for writing stuff like

"There's No Such Thing as Christian Music"

"Sigur Ros @ Church: is there a problem with that?"

Why do we sometimes do "secular songs" (as if there were such a thing) in our gatherings?

Maybe because God himself is skipping the gospel concert for Nine Inch Nails gig..

Click here for the audio (or watch here on Youtube) of this delightful statement by Bono:

"God is interested in truth, and only in truth. And that's why God is more interested in Rock & Roll music than Gospel... Many gospel musicians can't write about what's going on in their life, beacuse it's not allowed ..If you can't write about what's really going on in the world and your life, because it's all happy-clappy... Is God interested in that? I mean, 'Please, don't patronize Me! I want to go the Nine-Inch-Nails gig, they're talking the truth!

From a 2003 discussion with New York Times, more audio here


  1. A sad indictment of much of christian music. I always feel a twinge of reserve in making generalizations. I know a lot of good music that is talking the truth. Derek Webb is a good artist that has some great music. Check out this one called "wedding dress"

    good stuff.

    Of course since we live in a fallen world much of the "truth" is really aweful, and we should be sobbing over that instead of celebrating.

  2. yeah, Derek Webb is a great example..too ba is new Cd is held up by a bad word..


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