Monday, May 12, 2008

How about a double bill: Foxboro Hot Tubs/Dalton Brothers

From the band bio page of The Dalton Brothers:
Biography: Dalton Brothers

Descendants of a legendary family of Wild West outlaws, the Dalton Brothers have overcome their family's tarnished past and troubled reputation to forge a splendid --albeit largely unrecognized -- career in the "wild west" of the country music industry.

The Dalton Brothers are made up of brothers Luke, Duke, and Alton, and their sister Betty. Today, they all tend to the Dalton family ranch in Galveston, Texas, with the exception of Duke who has a 3-bedroom apartment in Dallas. The Dalton's came together in the late 1960s under the leadership of Dallas Schoo Dalton, who quickly realized his talents were needed behind the scene as the band's sound and equipment manager, a position he still holds today. Dallas was instrumental (no pun intended) in helping the Daltons land a 3-show stint as an opening act on U2's massive Joshua Tree world tour in 1987. (Dallas' brother -- also named Dallas -- is guitar technician for U2's The Edge.)

(Betty -- on the left -- and Alton are pictured at right. Luke and Duke are very reluctant to allow themselves to be photographed.)

Alton and Betty Dalton

They've taken their inspiration from many of Country's seminal artists, including such legends as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Loretta Lynn. But they're quick to credit one of the all-time greats, Hank Williams, Sr., as the spark that lit their country music candle. It was Williams who reportedly told the brothers, "You can go far with country and western, not that rock and roll shit." Today, the Daltons honor Williams' memory in concert with an updated version of his 1949 Top 10 classic, "Lost Highway".

But the Dalton's current success is due...
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Once in awhile,
for various reasons,

bands (particularly because they are too famous; and occassionally becasue they are not too famous) assume an alternate persona/personality/reality..

taking on another name, and recording or even performing under that name.

The most famous/infamous example for many of us was this 1997 appearance by "The Dalton Brothers," caught here opening for U2. The catch is they were U2, and they fooled even some of the brightest U2 fans.

More recently, The Alarm pulled a fast one. I saw this band in 1983 open up for least I assume they weren't really U2 with wigs (:

They were amazing. As I said in my review, in a lot of ways I am still living off this concert.

But by 2004,they were....well, as old as I was. So they hired some young bucks to lip-synch their new single in the video; and distributed the video/single as by "The Poppyfields."
It was a hit.

More recently, in an open secret, it's no secret that The Foxboro Hot Tubs are...well, take a listen:

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