Monday, May 05, 2008

Bullets in the Bethlehem Bible College Sign

I finally grabbed a photo of the Bethlehem Bible College sign...with bullet holes in it.
It is a stunning site and sign; it provokes a holy hush in me.
It teaches me to pray.

It is tied with this photo and this one for the pictures that
mess me up the most, and catapult me back to the Kingdom and reality (which E. Stanley Jones surprisingly says are the same thing!). If I keep looking, I might even grieve that I don't grieve; and thus start grieving!!

The picture is worth a thousand words; but if you want my thousand word commentary on it, click:

Sweaters and Third Places with Bullet Holes

Then get off your knees, and become an answer to God's prayer.
Let's be lovers in this dangerous time;
and bleed daylight
in Bethlehem.

I will post video of our amazing time at the Bible College soon.

Pax out.


  • PS: Later addition: video interview with Bishara Awad, president of the college, here
  • P.S. Later addition: Oops, I forgot my last life-changing/rearranging photo to look


  1. you are from FRESNO!!! haha! so am I! Now I live in Bethlehem! I have been in Bhem 8 months, and Jeru one year prior to that. Anyhow, I receive a google email of "Bethlehem" related news, blogs etc and today yours was in the email. So, I read the blog about the sign and about Alex Awad and the sweater. My friend and I are planning to open a Christian Hostel in Bhem ( - the aim is for revival here. Fire from heaven. And God is moving powerfully. blessings! Thanks for loving Bhem in Jesus' name!

  2. Dawn, that is awesome.

    I want to keep in touch; will send a myspace request and mail you over there; and we will surely visit you over in Bethlehem.
    And you have Ruis, Misty AND "For What It's Worth"on your project playlist...I though I was the only one.(:

    Big blessings

  3. Powerful stuff, Dave...!!! Love ya! Phil Brewer


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